One Million Guyanese Diasporas

    The Government of Guyana's policy toward the Guyanese Diaspora living in the USA, UK, Canada, and the Caribbean countries.

    The Government of Guyana’s Diaspora Unit is keen on involving Guyanese individuals living abroad in the country’s economic development. They have an open-door policy, meaning they are welcoming and ready to engage with Guyanese from around the world. The government is committed to taking action that will make the most of the potential of Guyanese people living in other countries to contribute to Guyana’s development plans.

    One of the primary goals of the Diaspora Unit is to build a network that makes it easier for people who want to invest their money in Guyana, especially in the rapidly growing oil sector. This network will help connect investors with opportunities in Guyana.

    The Diaspora Unit’s main responsibility is to ensure that Guyanese living abroad are closely involved in various aspects of the country’s growth. They aim to encourage collaboration in areas such as trade, investment, philanthropy, tourism, youth engagement, and bringing skilled people back to Guyana. This is all part of a broader effort to help Guyana develop more effectively.

    The government is particularly focused on engaging with Guyanese communities living in other countries because many skilled individuals have left Guyana in the past. Now that the country is experiencing a boom in its oil and gas industry, they want to reverse this trend. They want to attract skilled people back to Guyana to contribute to the nation’s development and capitalize on the newfound wealth from oil and gas resources.

    How to engage and facilitate the one million Guyanese Diasporas in the USA, Canada, UK, and the Caribbean countries to invest in Guyana.

    Members of the Guyanese diaspora living in countries such as the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean have a strong tradition of being willing to participate in and contribute to the economic development of their home country, Guyana. This commitment is not limited to just economic aspects; it extends to the support and welfare of their family members who still reside in Guyana. This long-standing connection between the diaspora and their homeland has made the Guyanese Diaspora a significant force in the global landscape.

    What’s noteworthy is that the Guyanese diaspora is highly diverse and consists of individuals from various professional backgrounds and occupations. This includes teachers, nurses, doctors, university professors, business owners, corporate leaders, financiers, bankers, investors, engineers, computer science specialists, scientists, international leaders, and various talented affinity groups. Many individuals within this diaspora have accumulated valuable resources, both social and financial, and possess various strengths that can be instrumental in making substantial contributions to Guyana’s political and socio-economic development.

    Given the growth and emerging business opportunities in Guyana, the government or organizations have established a dedicated team to keep the Guyanese diaspora informed about these prospects. This means providing information about potential investments, projects, and initiatives that diaspora members can engage with to further contribute to their home country’s development. By doing so, this diaspora becomes an essential bridge between Guyana and the global community, fostering cooperation and shared progress.

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